Translating to our
green vision


  • At Caja Arequipa, conscious of the impact that our decisions will have on society in the future, we focus on serving people by caring for the environment and improving the quality of life for families through the management of their finances.
  • We do Financial Inclusion and mitigate our environmental impact; our purpose is to transcend in people’s lives through gratitude.

Economic Performance

We focus on promoting financial education in our country, with the aim of improving the quality
of life of our clients.

Social Performance

We are a great team with a vital value in
volunteering, we are defined by what we give to others.

Environmental Performance

We promote recycling and the use of renewable energy, thereby raising awareness about our emissions.


Cesar Aranibar - Volunteer

"Being part of the volunteer program allowed me to develop my soft skills and learn about the reality of different educational centers in the city."

Brisset Paredes - Volunteer

"Being a volunteer has taught me that there is a beautiful spark that ignites in the soul and in the heart when we make a positive contribution in the lives of others."

Fiorella Jauregui - Volunteer

"For me, volunteering means providing time, skills and passion selflessly to contribute positively to society."

Our Policies

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Sustainability Report

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